FIGmd's executive management team is supported by a talented multi-disciplinary team of experienced professionals with first-hand experience of the intricacies of healthcare system in the United States. Their talent, scientific knowledge and research capabilities help us to deliver breakthrough solutions in data collection, measurement, analysis and reporting. FIGmd's leadership is responsible for the oversight, strategic direction, operations and success of our company.

Sanket Baralay


Ashwini Baralay


Siddhi Baralay


Thirumalai Rajagopal (Raj)


Payer & Life Sciences Solutions

Hal Knight


Tim Parr

VP - Technology

Samir Jahagirdar

Head - India Operations

Michelle Schrieber

Head - USA Operations

Narendra Shaligram

Head - India Operations

Aditya Deshpande

Head - Product Development

Yogesh Saraf

Head – Finance

Ryan Minarovich

General Counsel

Security and Compliance

At FIGmd, we embed Security, Compliance & Process Excellence in the fabric of our day to day operations. We understand the needs of our customer, and a paramount one being Security of their data.

To instill this realization across the organization, we extend the accountability beyond the Information Security Group - thus, leveraging the entire organization to act as a custodian of secured processes to ensure compliance. We achieve this by connecting the dots - our workflows, standard operating procedures, deliverables; all have an essential component that is carefully planned, interwoven, executed, tested, reviewed and audited - this is the Security component. The basic security hygiene is achieved through ongoing Security & Compliance Awareness sessions for all.

Our journey to achieve ONC HIT 2015 Certification for FIGmd Platform, EHNAC accreditation for DRAP and CEAP, including HIPAA, have strengthened our Security posture. We partner with AWS to securely store our customer's data; thus, leveraging the best security practices of a trusted Global leader in Cloud computing. These steps have helped us to provide improved and secured solutions to our customers.

Our robust Security & Compliance framework is a well-thought strategy, focused on reducing risk. We deploy relevant and required controls, tools and processes which help us to Identify, Protect, Prevent, Detect, Defend, Remediate and Recover from potential vulnerabilities. This is executed by a team of highly skilled resources who are our assets and bring the best of industry knowledge with their experience. While we are strongly committed to provide high end secured solutions, our eyes are on the horizon. We relentlessly work towards equipping our organization to meet the increasing demands of a highly secured environment in the face of ever-increasing cyber security challenges.

To reduce the risks of the current threat landscape, our compliance road map is to achieve HITRUST V9.1 including GDPR, SOC2 and 21 CFR Part 11 along with increased focus on consistent awareness programs, adherence to industry best practices, better tools and technology, and external assessments.


Pankit Genge

Sr. Manager

Networking and Security

Center of Excellence

The FIGmd Center of Excellence (COE), established in early 2018, is a semi-autonomous organization within FIGmd, with a clear and defined vision - Engineer Customer Success! The FIGmd COE represents FIGmd customers, their interests and priorities at executive forums within the company. We are the voice of our customers. We listen, understand and communicate our customers’ needs within the company and help align the company’s goals, objectives and strategy with those of our customers.


Sandeep Agate


FIGmd Center of Excellence