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About Us

FIGmd is a leader in providing healthcare solutions & rapid deployment of secure, interop driven, clinical, claims & quality data acquisition platforms. With an expansive suite of modern, scalable offerings, we power multiple healthcare solutions such as payer dashboards, providers’ portals, configure and operate registries, clinical quality & performance management systems, risk analytics, clinical trials, and many others to positively affect our client's financial health and performance. Our clients over the last decade include CROs, Payers, Health systems, Practices, Specialty societies, Pharma amongst others. We pioneer in providing clinical data registry services to more than 19 medical societies across the United States of America. In 2010, FIGmd leapfrogged by providing end-to-end clinical data registry services to the American College of Cardiology. Since then, we have created a niche in the industry year after year with our suite of cutting solutions that are future-ready and HIPAA-compliant.

Our growing team of 850+ healthcare domain specialists spread across Rockford IL, USA and Pune MH, India, works in multiple time zones to give you optimally priced solutions. We currently manage over 457M clinical records, 121M unique patients and 250+ EHRs, LIS, PMS, & RCM integrations. We combine innovative ideas, emerging technologies with deep business knowledge and global technology teams to deliver disruptive business solutions. We just don’t sell products, we build a relationship with our clients to help them be nonpareil stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. We offer pragmatic cloud-based solutions that are interoperable, scalable, efficient, and cost containing. Our product portfolio, in essence, revolves around our ideology of adopting an idiosyncratic approach rather than treading the conservative path.

Our products and solutions are focused on the needs of the industry rather than a ‘fit-for-all’ model, which in turn has helped us carve a niche in healthcare. Last but not least, our tools and technologies are constantly overhauled to ensure that our stakeholders are ready to face the hurdles of the future.

Our Customers


FIGmd's executive management team is supported by a talented multi-disciplinary team of experienced professionals with first-hand experience of the intricacies of healthcare system in the United States. Their talent, scientific knowledge and research capabilities help us to deliver breakthrough solutions in data collection, measurement, analysis and reporting. FIGmd's leadership is responsible for the oversight, strategic direction, operations and success of our company.

Chief Executive Officer

Sanket Baralay is a Health IT expert, innovator, and entrepreneur. As the head of FIGmd, he has pioneered groundbreaking products, processes, and services and has established partnerships with some of the country's largest medical societies.

Prior to FIGmd, Sanket led business and technology companies that focused on developing and delivering solutions for the healthcare industry

Chief Operations Officer

Siddhi Baralay is Chief Operating Officer (COO) at FIGmd U.S. In addition to overseeing operations for the company's U.S. Office, Siddhi is also responsible for client management, services and support.

Siddhi and her team are committed to driving strong results while transforming the way FIGmd serves its customers. She is also passionate about improving healthcare in India and other countries through the development of global initiatives intended to leverage FIGmd's process and technology expertise.

Chief Financial Officer

Hal Knight is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at FIGmd, Inc., managing the financial strategy and operations of a company. Hal is committed to maximizing long-term shareholder value, ensuring a balanced portfolio of growth initiatives, and maintaining the high level of integrity and transparency for which FIGmd is known.

Prior to FIGmd, he held roles of progressive leadership, served as Financial Advisor for a Financial services company. Hal in the past has led several Finacial companies in the capacity of Chief Financial Officer. Hal holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

President, Payer & Enterprise Solutions

Thirumalai Rajagopal (Raj) has been President of Payer and Life Sciences Solutions at FIGmd, Inc., since Jan 2016. Raj has served in several senior leadership capacities, including as the Chief Operating Officer for a UK based company. He has also served as Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for a Healthcare company in the USA. Raj has served in numerous executive-level software service capacities, ranging from professional services to product development and marketing, throughout the past 31 years. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from IIT, BHU and a Masters's degree in Engineering from IIT, Madras.

Vice President, India Operations

Samir Jahagirdar is the Vice President (Services) at FIGmd India. In his role he leads all the functions of the company based in India. Since joining FIGmd in 2016, he has been instrumental in shaping FIGmd’s strategy and aligning it with the future business landscape. He has helped significantly scale up the systems, processes, and interactions with both internal and external stakeholders.

Samir has over 19 years of experience in various domains and geographies in leadership role. He has worked with some of the top Fortune 500 Companies and successfully executed IT transformation, Service Operations Transformation, IT Delivery and Process Optimization. His dedication and focus to work has been recognized by his previous employers with several awards and recognition.

Samir is an engineering graduate. He also holds a certification in PMP (Project Management Professional) from US.

Head, USA Operations

Michelle Schrieber is the Head of Operations at FIGmd, US. In her role, she focuses on overseeing operations for the company's U.S. office. Michelle comes with more than 25 years of clinical and management experience. Prior to FIGmd, she was the Volunteer Services Manager, where she managed over 250 volunteers at a local inpatient health system. She was also a surgical nursing director of an outpatient surgery center specializing in Ear, Nose and Throat and Plastic Surgery. She holds a degree in Bachelor's of Science in Nursing.

Head, India Operations

Narendra Shaligram is the Head of Operations at FIGmd India. In his role, he focuses on continual service improvements to achieve better Customer Experience.

Narendra has over 24 years of working experience in IT industry across Healthcare, Telecom & Insurance domains. He has worked in various phases of Software development life-cycle managing large-scale production operations.

Head, Product Development

As the Head of Product Management, Aditya is responsible for driving the product strategy and innovation of FIGmd's business.

Aditya has over 15 years of experience solving product-based problems across the Health, Telecom, IT industry value chain, and for adjacent industries and academic research. He has experience leading global businesses focused on Clinical Quality, Analytics, EHR/EMR agnostic solutions, Big Data and Data Monetization. Prior to FIGmd, Aditya was the Senior Director and Head of Client Solutions (Asia-Pacific) for a Singapore based company. He also spent many years working in various executive-level product and service positions.

An international operator, Aditya has managed staff and partnered with clients in the USA and Singapore. In addition, he has experience in developing and maintaining international quality systems and deploying continuous improvement tools to improve business performance and client satisfaction. He is an engineering graduate of Pune University in Electronics and Communication.

General Counsel

Ryan is the General Counsel at FIGmd. In this capacity, he decides on and interprets all legal matters affecting FIGmd. His primary roles include contract drafting and negotiation, company-wide legal strategy, regulatory posture and acting as a liaison between the different departments to offer legal advice and consultations. He often works with the other members of the executive leadership team on strategic business decisions and forward-thinking company strategies. Prior to FIGmd, he worked as an attorney at the international law firm of Pillsbury Withrop Shaw Pittman where he specialized in health law, corporate governance and venture financing. He holds a Juris Doctor from the Santa Clara University School of Law as well as degrees in Economics and Political Science from the University of California, Santa Cruz.